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How to get additional cashback from brands?

All of you are already used to getting cashback for purchases from Umico partners. But did you know that cashback can now be increased for the purchase of specific goods? Many of you shop in Bravo and do not even suspect that there is a massive amount of products, household chemicals, hygiene products, and many other products, when you buy which you will receive an ADDITIONAL cashback. 

Everyone's favorite Bizim Tarla, Bizim Süfrə, Hillside, Domestos, Cif, Rexona, Ax, Camay, Savushkin, and many other brands provide increased cashback for specific products. That means, when you buy a specific product in the Bravo markets, you get 1% cashback from Bravo and an additional cashback from the brand. It turns out, by knowing which brands provide additional cashback, you can make purchases even smarter and get even more Umico bonuses. Well, who can resist such a benefit?

To find out which brands provide additional cashback, go to the Umico app and find the "Brands" section on the main page. Select and click on the card of the brand you are interested in. On the card, you will see the goods that have additional cashback by brand (we want to draw your attention to the fact that cashback is not provided for all brand products). Then make a purchase in Bravo as usual - an additional cashback will be credited automatically, and you will see the bonuses received in the account in the history of operations.

For example, you are planning another shopping in Bravo. Before heading to the store, be sure to check out Umico. Browse the "Brands" section - there you will find products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, hygiene products, cosmetics and perfumes, baby food, and other products for children. Go to the cards of the respective brands, see assortment, and plan your shopping in advance.

Let's Suppose you select Bizim Tarla, Чистая линия shampoo, Brest-Litovsk cream, Savushkin milk, and Viola cream cheese. You will receive 1% on the entire check from Bravo and an additional cashback from each brand:

  • 7% from Bizim Tarla
  • 2% from Чистая линия
  • 7% from Brest-Litovsk
  • 7% from Savushkin
  • 7% from Viola

Be sure to check the list of brands before going to Bravo to know exactly what you are buying today.