Umico Live

Learn how to save on mobile balance with Umico and Azercell


It does not matter if you like chatting or talking on the phone for hours. Mobile phones are the only communication way these days. What if we tell you, all your phone calls and mobile data can be free of charge?! Imagine you are calling your friends and family, every day, talking for hours, or going live on Instagram everyday with your mobile data and not paying for any of these. We feel you asking “How?”

Well, for this, it is enough to be Azercell prepaid number and Umico users. Because now, you can exchange your Umico bonuses to Azercell mobile balance. And to get bonuses we use Umico for all our shopping – that we already know. By the way, with Umico bonuses you can top up not only your Azercell balance also, any other Azercell users balance as well. So feel free to send Mobile balance gifts to your families and friends who use Azercell.

In order to add mobile balance to your Azercell number:
  • Go to your Umico app, and press “more” button on the right bottom of the screen.
  • Choose “online services” and press to “Azercell” option.
  • Choose “Top up your mobile phone balance with bonuses”.
  • Add the mobile number and the amount you want to spend.
  • Last step – press “Top up” and Voila! You just added balance to your mobile phone and did not pay for it!

Let us share another secret with you. If you want to top up your balance with internet banking or point of payment (like Milliön), you can still get Umico bonuses for the amount you spent. If you registered your Azercell number to your Umico account, each time after toping up your balance you will recieve sms from 3131. It is enough to reply “he” (it means yes) to this message and you will get 0,7% of the amount you spent as Umico bonus.

To get more Umico bonuses, don’t forget to show your Umico app or card to the cashier on your next purchase.